Unlike most educational consultants who work on a 60-day or 90-day cycle, ABS International conducts one-day strategy sessions only. There are reasons for this approach.
The problem facing most clients is not the need to generate a lot of facts, opinions, ideas and concepts and then package them all together in a binder. Most institutions have more information than any one prospect can possibly absorb. The problem is how to simplify and generalize the data. In other words, how to find a focus.
  Laura Lewin and Miguel Atencio conduct one-day strategy sessions with an institution’s top management team. We explore possibilities together and reach the solutions jointly making sure everyone on the team has an opportunity to participate in the process.
At the end of the day, we will have formulated a «miniature» management or marketing plan. If at the end of the day, everyone doesn't enthusiastically support the strategy developed by the team, ABS International will have failed.
How can I motivate my teachers to be the best teachers they can be?
How can I hire the best teachers?
How can I have a stable faculty?
How can we expand our business and still stay focused?
How can I make sure my students are happy?
How can I make sure my teachers are happy?
How can I attract more and better students?
How can I attract past students?
How can I attract financial support?
Am I on the right track?
Who is the competition and what can we do about them?
How can we generate publicity?
What should our advertising strategy be?
What should we do about the Internet?
Pricing issues?
Late payers?
Any other issue that might arise during the discussions.
  ABS International has consulted with hundreds of institutions around the country to help them solve management and marketing problems. While we are not experts in any one field, we are experts in developing marketing strategy and solving management issues because we have worked for so many different schools and delivered lectures on so many management topics.
In general, we help your school solve specific management problems, find a focus, own a word in the consumer's mind and dominate a market.
  Where the meeting takes place is up to you. Usually we have it at your offices. We will fly in the night before so we can start the meeting first thing in the morning. Otherwise, we can have the meeting at our offices, located in Tigre, Buenos Aires.
  A week or two before the strategy session you should send us an information package so we can familiarize ourselves with your situation, your market, your competition, etc. The package might contain a description of your products or services and their target audiences. You might also include marketing plans, press releases, research data, advertisements, brochures, competitive information, etc.
  All the key decision makers should participate in the strategy session. We suggest, however, that no more than 3 to 4 people participate. Too few people and we don't get all the input needed; too many people and we have to slow down the pace of the meeting which makes it harder to reach decisions.
  Scheduling a session is determined by your calendar and our availability. Finding a day is usually not a problem. It can be a week from now or several months, whatever works best for you.
  The ABS International one-day strategy session is designed to provide an overall direction for an educational institution. It's a day which allows you to get everything on the table, in order to learn, discuss, analyze and formulate an institute's focus. To start, we will ask specific questions designed to isolate the issues involved. Our philosophy is simple: The answer is in the problem. Only after a thorough discussion of your situation do we start to work on your problems. Then we work with you and your team to figure out the answers.
  Yes, of course. We have conducted multiple sessions for a number of clients. Normally, however, it is a year or so before a client finds the need to schedule another session. The ideas and concepts developed in the initial session are long-term in nature and usually don't need modification unless there are substantial changes in the competition or in the marketplace.
  Contact ABS International by phone, fax or email. Laura or Miguel would be happy to talk with you about your particular situation and how a strategy session might be helpful.
  Phone: (11) 15 28765739
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