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  Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University’s objective
  excellence in research, scholarship, and education through its publishing. As a world leader in ELT publishing, with publishing centres in Oxford and New York, Oxford ELT provides an unrivalled range of resources for all learners of English from primary school children to business executives.
Oxford University Press- the world’s authority in English Language Teaching
  URUTESOL aims at bringing together all English teachers in Uruguay and in this way raise the standards of the profession, fostering research in the area and promoting exchanges both at national and international level.
URUTESOL“The association of teachers of English you can be proud of.”
  El instituto Cultural Anglo Uruguayo es una institución sin fines de lucro cuya misión es enseñar inglés y difundir
  la cultura británica en Uruguay. Desde su fundación, en 1934, se ha destacado por su excelencia académica y su aporte cultural. El Sr. Ministro de Educación y Cultura y su Exc. el Embajador del Reino Unido avalan dicha actividad como presidentes honorarios.
El Anglo cubre todas las áreas y niveles de enseñanza del idioma inglés y es la red educativa más grande del Uruguay totalizando 47 Anglos en todo el país.
Una de las actividades más importantes del Instituto, es la representación de toda la gama de exámenes de inglés de la Universidad de Cambridge, trabajando en estrecha colaboración con la universidad desde 1948.
  BOOKSHOP S. A. es una empresa fundada en 1990 con 52 empleados. Principal importador y distribuidor de
  textos en inglés – libros infantiles y juveniles. Material académico y profesional. Novelas, guias de viaje, material didáctico. Importadores exclusivos de varias editoriales lideres de varios países. Tenemos 8 librerias y una Distribuidora donde atendemos todo el mercado.
  Curriculum Associates Inc is a publishing company famous for its thought-provoking approach to the development of reading strategies, writing, vocabulary development, math skills and science. The recent acquisition of two other companies has broaden today's CA's scope allowing the offer to our markets of a state-of-the-art
  assessment platform that defines the mastery of specific reading strategies and/or math skills in the K-12 performance range.
  EF Educación Internacional: Somos la organización privada líder en viajes educativos y enseñanza de idiomas en el extranjero, contamos con oficinas en 100 países y 45 años de experiencia. Ofrecemos gran diversidad de programas de idiomas para todas las edades y niveles.
  A complete EFL curriculum in one box!. It takes years of research to create your own curriculum. Why reinvent the wheel? Everything you need to teach a multi-year curriculum across grade levels in one convenient box. This unique multi-sensory approach addresses diverse learning modalities, and develops reading, writing, comprehension and oral
  language skills. Interactive, hands-on approach. Preschool-5th grade. Research-based.
  The University of California, San Diego Extension International Programs offers intensive, short-term,
  and online English language programs, short-term study abroad programs for university credit, and professional certificates in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Business Management for personal, academic, and professional development. For more information about the many programs that we have to offer please see:
  Since 1995 EQ Opciones en Educación is a specialist in English language materials and is the agent, contact or distributor for several european and american publishers. There is a special focus on KET, PET, FCE, CIPP, CLSE, IGCSE and IB
  publications. A wide variety of readers completes the company’s material lists.
  EMO (Educational Management Online) is the only newsletter in its kind which provides professionals in the ELT field with updated information and knowledge on Educational Management.
  It is sent to 98,000 ELT contacts on a monthly basis for free
You can receive EMO for free or read it from our website
  Pearson Education is a publishing house with a vast experience in the publishing market and a broad catalogue of books in English, college and professional education. We have a high social commitment with the education and our mission is to offer educative solutions for teachers and students.
  Mosca Hnos. was founded in 1888 under the name of "Librería La Popular". A short time later, because of the growing market demand, the Mosca brothers decide to move to the current address where the head
  office has been located since then, and in the year 1947, the company changes to its current name of "Mosca Hnos. S.A.”
During the 1950s and thanks to the postwar economic boom, the company engages in the ambitious project of enlarging its commercial premises.
Thus, the construction of the current "Tabaré" building begins, with new departments like Office Supplies and Drawing, among others. The Bookstore department is also promoted, with the addition of an area intended for books in English, as well as special spaces intended for children's books.
During the most flourishing period of the country culturally speaking, Mosca Hnos. became a cultural reference for the society at that time, and through a deep connection with the cultural life of the country, Mosca Hnos. consolidated in a privileged position among the most historically prestigious companies in the market. In time, the company became a most prominent stakeholder in the formative life of many generations through its constant expansion in different business areas.
  Benchmark Education publishes ELL/ESL resources to support literacy, language, and content development. Our ESL Bookroom contains over 400 titles that provide content at multiple levels for newcomers to advanced learners. RIGOR, an intervention program for ELL’s in grades 4-12 provides support for older
  students who are preliterate or reading at primary levels. Our scientifically based research results prove that our resources work with ELLs!
  Educandos es un centro de distribución de materiales educativos, que ofrece una amplia variedad de productos de excelente calidad, que
  acompañarán a profesionales del área educativa y agentes de salud, así como también a padres y a todos aquellos en el núcleo cercano al niño que se animen a ser acompañantes activos de su proceso de aprendizaje.
Contemplamos diferentes edades y niveles, y tenemos por objetivo la estimulación de la creatividad y el logro de aprendizajes óptimos y saludables, intentando cubrir las diferentes áreas: matemáticas, ciencias, lectoescritura, arte, entre otras.
  Anglia ESOL Examinations, owned by state-run and administered Chichester College and in partnership with ASCENTIS, has been an awarding body for several decades. Both Chichester College and ASCENTIS are non-profit-making educational institutions, and Anglia ESOL Examinations and ASCENTIS are members of the European Association for Language Testing &
  Assessment. There are ten levels of examinations in the General English suite. The top four levels (Intermediate B1, Advanced B2, Proficiency C1 and Masters C2) are full ESOL International Qualifications, accredited by the UK government body responsible for overseeing the national curriculum, Ofqual. The AcCEPT Proficiency level is listed in UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) as evidence of Proficiency in English. For teachers who need to internationally validate their level of English as sufficient for classroom practice, Anglia ESOL Examinations also offers the C.I.T.E. test at two levels: Young Learners and General Training. For Translators/ Translation-related Professionals, we offer the Certificate & Diploma in Applied Translation. Our exams are also accepted by the Home Office points-based immigration system. At Anglia and ASCENTIS we firmly believe in maximizing educational opportunity for all, and to this end our examination fees are consistently lower than those of all other boards.
  Heinle is the flagship publisher of Thomson ELT, part of the Thomson Corporation, and a leading provider of materials for
  English language teaching and learning throughout the world. Heinle and Thomson ELT are committed to helping learners become more effective readers, writers, and communicators, and to helping teachers become more effective in guiding learners to achieve their goals.
  ABS International is Argentina’s leading ELT fair and expo organizer. Each year hundreds of teachers and leaders in the ELT field participate in ABS’s renowned ELT fairs including:
• The International Congress for English Coordinators and Directors of Studies.
• The International Congress of Professional Development for Teachers of English.
• Challenge your English!
  Through these three mega events, ABS International combines academic matters and support services to satisfy and exceed the requirements of hundreds of educators.

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