Alianza, Paraguay 1217,
Montevideo, Uruguay
Dear Laura,
I would like to congratulate you all!!!! The conference was an outstanding experience which I enjoyed not only as a speaker but also as a participant in other terrific workshops from excellent colleagues!!!! I would also like to point out the animated and friendly audience always willing to participate,
interested and kind. Congratulations once more and thank you for enlightening our profession!

Prof. Vivian Suárez
Coordinadora Académica
Alianza Pocitos-Punta Carretas
Laura dear! Thank you!

The possibilities of connecting that you provide can be a benefit juts by itself.
I enjoyed Friday night dinner very much, had quite a laugh at Robert’s jokes and the trip to “the meat dispenser” weren’t such a burden. Ha,ha,ha,!!
Looking forward to creating possibilities together. I’ll be sending you something by next week.
Take care and take a rest… now that you can.
Big hugs to you and Miguel!

Claudia Raffo Mendoza

Performance Consultant & Coach
Dear Mrs Lewin:
Thank you for the opprotunity of being part of such an interesting and enriching event. We are from Colegio Monte Tabor, Santiago, Chile and attending the congress was worth the effort and sacrifice of leaving our families during five days. Besides we could enjoy the surroundings of your beautiful capital city.
The talks presented were full of very useful ideas and information about trends and methodology that we want to apply here as soon as possible.
I'm looking forward to attending any of your amazing talks whenever you come to Chile.
yours faithfully
Catalina Laage
Dear Laura: Thank you for such a motivating, well organized and interesting congress!!!
Hopefully I´ll be there again next February!
Keep in touch,
Paulina Dall`Occhio (Córdoba)
Dear Laura and all ABS members,

It is not you who should thank us. Thank YOU for everything you do for teachers! Thanks for spicing up our performances, for lightening our lives, for letting us know that there are lots of things to do yet!

The Congress was a great success, and you made it so thanks to your efforts! You create a perfect atmosphere for having fun, learning, keeping in touch with our profession, with ourselves ansd meeting great people and professionals.

I should also thank them, for htey are the ones opening to us to share their experience to help us in our teching. All of them were really enlightening and kind.

You all really help us become the best teachers we can be because you work on our hearts, not only our minds. The fact that music never stops playing and that all of you take the time to greet every one of us and take your time to say something nice is priceless. Thanks for that!

I hope you continue doing what you do which is really great. Congratulations to you all.

María Eugenia Gallego from Luján Bs. As.

Dear Laura,

Let me tell you that the ones that must be thankful are us. The congress was such a great experience that we are looking forward to going there again next year!!

My friend and I were thrilled with all the lectures; we enjoyed them all. We will convince the rest of our classmates to come with us next year. We really had a great time, and we could learn from very different tspeakers who fullfilled all our expectations.
Even though we are still learning many things, and we consider ourselves not very experienced, this Congress has helped us to find new aspects of teaching, learning and sharing with others. Now we expect to put all this knowledge into practice.

Thank you very much for letting us have such a wonderful experience, and congratulations because of the organization of the event.

Please, let me now more about your events and conferences.

Sylvia V. Tellechea
Montevideo - Uruguay

Dear Laura,
Thank YOU for your kindness and the energy you have which is nicely contageous.
I surely will be back in August, so...
see you soon.

Best wishes,
Carolina Omar

Dear Laura,
First things first: I again wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful conference.
It was very stimulating and rich in ideas and sights. I enjoyed the whole experience thoroughly both as a speaker and as a participant. I'm sorry I left without saying goodbye, but I didn't really want to interrupt your
dancing and had to go. By the way, congrats on your engagement!!!
Thanks again for everything, I really had a great time. Hope to hear from you soon,

Silvia Laborde (Uruguay)

Dear Laura.
This is to congratulate for your enthusiasm, quality of work, joy, nature to share, readiness and a lot more in your last Congress.
I found it very, very useful and practical. I am looking forward to your creativity for next Congress.
Thank you very much for everything you give us.

Dolores Rossi
Colegio Manuel Belgrano

Laura Lewin,
Thanks for 3 unforgetable days.
Mrs Silvia Kempner
from Language Choice
Dear Laura, I would like to say thank you because I enjoyed the event very much and I got lots of new ideas and that really motivates me.
Thank you so much,
Yamila Ortega
Lic. en Lengua Inglesa
Prof. en Lengua Inglesa

Dear Laura,
It's been a pleasure for me to have attended so many enriching talks at the International Conference.
Of course one of my favourite talks was delivered by you and I guess you keep promises so I would like to receive some more information on your talk about "Appraisals: Assessing and Improving teachers performance"
I look forward to seeing you again and congratulations on your hard work!
God bless you!
Marcela Beatriz González
Cultural Inglesa de Berazategui

Dear Laura:
Congratulations once again. It's been a real pleasure to share the conference with you as we did in the previous years. También felicitaciones para tu marido y toda esa gente que te acompaña.
TODO ABSOLUTAMENTE TODO salió perfecto. You should be proud and I am sure you are. Lots of love

Claudia Calle de Marisi
Dear Laura & co. ,
Back home , just to tell thank you for the three enjoyable days we spent the re in BsAs.We agreed that we found a warmer and more hospitable city ( after 3 years) in spite of whatever the problems our Peoples share.
As regards the Conference, it was reassuring, clarifying, refreshing opportunity to rediscover that when human beings work PROFFESSIONALLY do MAGIC.

Thankyou for the energy.
Please keep in touch.
Myriam Bidegain
I'm Fabiola Salinas & this is the 2nd time I have attend the Congress for Coordinators. Just to let you know I coordinate Junior levels in a private institute called "British School" in Córdoba.
I'm writing to you ,on the one hand, just to CONGRATULATE you on EVERYTHING !!!
All lectures I attended were as useful and interesting as expected!!!
Yours in particular was superb !!
And the organization showed detailed care!!!
Well, on he other hand, I wonder if you could send me some information on the material you presented!
I found this issue of helping teachers become better teachers more than interesting!!!

Looking forward for your answer soon!
Warm regards,
Fabiola Salinas de Cuenca
Dear Laura,
I mentioned this to you in person, but would like to reiterate that my experience at the conference was absolutely unforgettable! Shash and I reached back to LA on time and in once piece. He says thank to you for getting him over to Argentina too. He wouldn’t have really thought about visiting if it were not the conference I was going to. Overall, our trip from Ushuaia to Iguazu via Buenos Aires was a very memorable one and we are completely in love with Argentina, it’s food, it’s people, and of course, the alfajores! We are officially on a sugar-free diet starting today to balance out the helados, the chocolate, and the flans we had every single day of our stay in Argentina.
This conference was my first experience of 100% motivation, dedication to the profession, and eagerness to learn among the audience. The arrangements were fantastic – how couldn’t they be considering your impeccable planning and personal attention to every detail! Miguel was also phenomenal at keeping track of changes and needs of the participants and exhibitors alike. I was completely impressed with everything I saw and experienced there and also want to convey my thanks for introducing me to a few key contacts.
I got back to the office today and reported to our director, Ms. Bronwyn Jenkins-Deas, right away. She was very happy to hear about the conference and my presentation and has also started working on the contact you sent to Guilherme. He is out of his office at a fair in Brazil and will be getting in touch with you when he returns. You will be hearing from both Bronwyn and Guilherme soon and we hope that we can have you and Miguel in Riverside soon to see the amazing changes and plans we are working on right now at our IEP.
I also met Sheila today in the corridor and told her what an amazing conference I had. She was delighted to hear about it and I also had to narrate to her the special attention you got for UCR at the closing ceremony along with your mention of how Sheila has been a mentor to you for so many years. She was really touched and was extremely happy to know that you are leading such an important organization.
Laura, I thank you again for the opportunity and hope that you also feel you had a good conference. I am looking forward to really re-establish our connection with Argentina through you and to all our future endeavors together. We’ll stay in touch!

Best, Tarana

Ms. Tarana Patel
Academic & Computer-assisted Language Learning Director
University of California, Riverside

dearest laura, thanks, danke, obrigada, merci!! y en todos los idiomas te agradezco la oportunidad que me diste... as I told you: I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT...!!!
hope i can make it some other time !! we´ll see !! who knows !!
hug from beatrice nansen

Dear Laura,
A warm hug and many thanks for an event I truly enjoyed and surely profitted. Also thanks for your lovely letter, a song of joy in praise of education.
And once again, thanks for giving me the certificate in advance after my unpleasent "nose" accident which prevented me from staying up to the end, which I truly regretted.
Once again, it's been really helpful, and now I'm really busy trying to put into action and process everything we received.
Lots of love, Leticia

Leticia Mabel Acosta
Rainbow Institute

Dear Laura: I'm so glad I had the opportunity to attend such an outstanding Congress. Congrats and Thank you!!! I guess it must haven been a great effort to organize everything. You put your heart into it, and it showed.
I also had the great chance of attending your Friday talk "Moneyless Marketing".
See you next year.
Regards, Diana
(Vice-principal - Cultural Inglesa de Neuquén)


Dear Laura,
I thoroughly enjoyed the English Coordinators' course! I found many of the speakers highly motivating and inspiring, and have already implemented some of the ideas raised in the seminars. I will definitely be coming next year.
Thank you so much! Kind Regards,
Charlotte Lawrence

Dear Laura,

This was my first time in one of your events. I attended talks on Thursday and Friday and I enjoyed them a lot. Not only were they very interesting, but also everything was very well-organized. It was very useful for me.

Thank you very much for letting me share this with all of you.

Silvana Vila
(Coordinator of EBG 3 and Polimodal at Holters School Los Cardales)
Dear Laura
I am writing to you to express a deep feeling of hapiness and gratefulness with this generous opportunity: to attend the Congress. I have been treated with respect, with tenderness and I would like to express my degree of fulfilment. I am very grateful and need to express that.
I lok forward to seeinf you and your staff next February
My best regards form Rosario...
Mónica Quevedo

Dear Laura,
As I told you when I was leaving the congress, I went to B.A for Coordinating I & II in May and I also enjoyed this Congress. But you will not get rid of me so easily. I´m already surfing the net to know more about the Congress for teachers in February and I´m trying to encourage more people in my school to do it. I´ll go in February, anyway.
As regards the congress, I tell you I had never managed to feel myself so motivated in other seminars before. For the first time it was not just a
course in which I was only given a lot of theory to read but also loads of practical tips and ideas to work as a coordinator and as a teacher as well!
And what is more, I feel more commited as an educator than ever. You are the `soul´ of the congress . Thank you!!
See you in February!!!!!!!!!
Silvia Ludovico

A big Thank You to all ABS-international staff !!!!!


Hi, Laura...
You know what? It's been simply AWESOME!!! The best congress we've ever been to... Well, how would you do the next one? You're just a genious.
My best, Carlos Vera

Dear Laura,
Thanks YOU for making the effort to organize that conference… for giving us the chance to have a high quality, state-of-the-art event… here, within Argentina.
I deeply enjoyed it all…!!!

Warm regards, Osvaldo Carnero

Dear Laura,

I would like to thank you personally for the organization of the even.
It was outstanding and it promoted lots of enriching opportunities to grow as professionals and as human beings.
I would like to keep in touch with you for any news and any opportunities of updating our practice.
I am a brand new school coordinator , starting to walk this wonderful path this year…so I am eager to know about any short course , conference , congress etc that leads me to success in this new area.
Please keep in touch and It was a pleasure to be at you talk.

Sincerely yours ,
Fernanda Sobral
Colegio y Liceo Santo Domingo
English Coordinator
Montevideo- Uruguay

The Convention was great and I feel very happy for taking part in it but now I want MORE!!!
I would like to attend the seminars Coordinating Succesfully 1 & 2 and although I know the dates I would like to get more information about them.
Thank you very much.

Ma. Laura Arraiza
English Coordinator
Saint Brigid´s School
Dear Laura:
My name is Jorgelina Arnoldi and I am one of the owners and heads at New Concept School of English. I had the chance of attending the Congress for Coordinators, which I enjoyed a lot, not only for the excellent level of lectures -from which I profited greatly- but also for the professionalism with which it was organized. Congratulations!!
New Concept is an institute with two branches, one in Devoto and the other in V. del Parque and since its very beginning in 1992 we've been interested in developing systems and strategies that help us grow -both in the fields of education and business.

Thank you again,
Jorgelina Arnoldi
Dear Laura,

The Congress was fantastic!!! As usual, I left the place full of new ideas, willing to implement changes and think about new possibilities...
Your talk about appraisals was very interesting and, as you suggested, I would like to receive the content of the transparencies, in order to study the subject better.
I hope it's not to soon to be bothering you with this.

Thank you!!!
Graciela M. Daglio

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