Teacher Training  


Successful teaching depends on the motivation and good will of the entire staff, positive interaction is everything. We know this, but how are we going to coordinate our staff successfully?
With this question in mind, we have put these unique seminars together.

« Get the training and knowledge you need to become a more effective coordinator.»

Academic coordinators (present and future ones) serving teachers of English will find these seminars singularly helpful for assuring success and satisfaction in their workplace. The seminars take a fun and pragmatic approach to developing and maintaining a quality program which you can implement immediately.
Each seminar runs from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and even if offered on two running dates, participants may take them together on separately.



• new or prospective coordinators o directors who need an understanding of management topics
• people who own their own institutions and need to learn management theories that they can use in the real world
• those who have never had any formal management training
• coordinators who need to update their skills or obtain new tools for management challenges.


• Recruiting and Hiring Teachers
• Interviewing Techniques
• Induction
• Observation of Classes
• Holding Effective Appraisals
• Teacher Evaluation
• Motivation and Incentives for Teachers
• Creating a Team Atmosphere
• Handling Difficult Personalities
• Coping with Change and Transition
• The process of Management
• General Leadership Tips

«The course deals with a lot of practical aspects that are extremely helpful in our daily activities, not just theoritical concepts that are difficult to apply to our reality. Laura is a great lecturer and a very dynamic person. Time in the seminar went by really fast.»
Silvia Rucci. Director. Transteaching Services.


• The Role of the Coordinator
• Communicating Clearly
• Handling Effective Meetings
• Team Work
• Time Management
• Delegating Wisely
• How to be an Understanding and Understood Boss
• How to Earn the Respect of your Staff
• Getting Along with your boss.
• How to Assess your Success as a Coordinator

«These courses are extremely motivating and a wonderful guide to
self-discovery. They gave us the tools to the development of our own potential.»
Irene Weidenberg- DEAL- Director