Teacher Training  
« As usual, practical, tried and tested ideas that you can implement immediately.»

Declining enrollments and spiraling costs can be threatening for anyone.
In times of crisis, crisis calls for creativity and innovation, for inspiration and decision making. And it is then, when instead of associating the word crisis with disaster, we should associate it with opportunity. Opportunity for growth and for change.
Many people think that marketing is synonymous with selling and promotion, but selling is only a part of marketing, and is not even its most important part.
During the seminar which will combine marketing concepts with practical ideas, participants will learn how to…
• Attract more and better students
• Increase student satisfaction with the institution
• Motivate their staff and create a feeling of belonging
• Improve their programs
• Attract financial support
• Make sound decisions about services, pricing, scheduling and advertising




• Mission
• The Wake up Call
• Marketing for Educational Institutions- Why?
• Problem Solving Techniques
• Surveys and Evaluations
• Strategic Planning
• Easy-to-Use Marketing Plans
• Identifying Opportunities
• Positioning
• Pricing
• Dealing with Late-payers
• Competition
• Promotion and Selling


«Outstanding! I really enjoyed it a lot. It opened up my mind. The instructor was a luxury; a five-star lecturer!»
Susana Colombo. Director-Chelsea Studio.