Teacher Training  
« A practical course
designed to motivate teachers who want to gain new ideas which will work in their classroom and broaden their range of options for the future.»

Teachers of English are always searching for new ideas, stimulating activities, ways of getting students more involved in their learning. So, on only one day Laura Lewin will give you a «Refresher» Course for teachers.
The aim of the course is to introduce participants to a wide range of practical, tried and tested, classroom-based activities, which they will experience and discuss and which they can take away to use in their classroom the next day!

The 7-hour course is made up of different topics is based on the principle that seeing and doing is the best way of understanding and feeling confident with new ideas and activities.

The workshop is made up of 4 different sections:




Introduction to the tips and techniques for tired teachers and unmotivated students.




Stimulating and creative ideas and activities to teach, clarify and practice grammar, idioms, vocabulary, and more.
This session covers published and instructor-created materials that can be used in the classroom straightaway!




To learn how Songs can trigger off amusing activities for all ages and levels.




Developing your language awareness- Reflection in action!